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Boris Kitty

Boris is a little black cat starting his walk with God. Boris learns that with prayer and faith in God, he can face all challenges. Read all the stories today!

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BORIS KITTY – Boris lives with his human parents in Whispering Pines. He is joined in his many adventures by two cats (Montana and Taffy), two dogs (Buddy and Fred), one squirrel (Yuki) and of course his best friend, God. If you are new to the Boris Kitty series, read them in the order below, which takes you from his adoption forward. All the Boris Kitty stories were written by Harrison Woodard and were illustrated by Donna Rosin.

#1 The Adoption Miracle – Sometimes we expect instant answers to our prayers. But we must remember that God is in complete control of the situation and his timing might not be the same as ours. In this story, Boris learns that he must patiently wait for God to answer his prayer.
For author commentary on this story, click here.

#2 The Perfect Home – What do you do when bad things happen? Do you worry, or are you confident that God can take any difficult situation and use it for good? In this story, Boris learns that he may have to go back to the shelter. He doesn’t realize that God is at work preparing a perfect home just for him.

#3 The Best Christmas Gift – Every December we celebrate the greatest gift ever given, Jesus, God’s only Son. In this third installment, Boris gets so caught up in the excitement of the holidays that he forgets to get a gift for his parents. Noel, an Angel, helps him understand that there are more important things than material gifts.
The Best Christmas Gift – A play based on the The Best Christmas Gift story.
For author commentary on this story, click here.

#4 A Friend For Boris – God knows that we need friends and companionship. His great plan for our life includes fellowship with others. In this story, Boris explores his new neighborhood looking for friends. He is pleasantly surprised by the friend that God sends.

#5 Montana’s Home – Give a man a fish, and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he eats for a lifetime. Boris acts out this parable by helping a homeless cat not only with his immediate need for food, but also helping him find a home that will provide all his needs. We must remember to do both for our neighbors, provide their immediate needs as well as introduce them to the source for everything they need.

#6 God Made Today – Sometimes the cares of the world make us forget that God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. We should be thankful every day for His love and concern. That is the message that Boris shares with his friends in this story. We should enjoy every day, because God makes each one.
God Made Today Poem – A poem based on God Made Today.

#7 Our Buddy – When a physically challenged dog moves to Whispering Pines, Boris and his friends search for a way of reaching out to their new neighbor. God teaches them to look beyond physical differences and focus on what they have in common instead.

#8 A Whispering Pines Easter – Boris and his friends want to do something special for Easter. Little do they know that the rest of the animal kingdom is way ahead of them. Easter in Whispering Pines will never be the same for the gang.
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#9 The Terribly Scary Storm – Fear is a tool of Satan. It robs believers of their faith in God. It is also a sin that needs to be defeated. Boris learns a valuable lesson about fear when he faces a scary spring thunderstorm. With God’s help, he is always victorious.
For author commentary on this story, click here.

#10 Black Cats Aren’t Scary – Halloween is a holiday that many people view as harmless fun. But Boris learns that it also promotes prejudice and hatred of black cats. Determined to do something about it, God tells him the secret to defeating hate.
For author commentary on this story, click here.

#11 Devil Got Your Tongue – Throughout the Bible we are taught to speak in agreement with God’s Word. In this story, Boris learns that when he talks of failure and defeat, he will get exactly that. But when he speaks in agreement with God’s Word, there is nothing he can’t do.

#12 Boris In The Lyons’ Den – After the death of Grandpa Lyons, Grandma Lyons and her dog Mandy let their sadness pull them apart. Determined to bring them back together, Boris puts his faith to work and learns once again that all things are possible with God.

#13 The Cotton Swab Invasion – Boris puts his imagination to work and ends up making a great big mess. He discovers that both God and Pam love him so much that they both will quickly forgive him when he makes a mistake. If you are a cat lover, or have ever been amused by a cat’s ability to find happiness with a simple cotton swab, you will love this story.

#14 Yuki’s Christmas Tree – Boris teaches a young squirrel the joy of Christmas and proves once again just how much God loves us. A Christmas story for kids of all ages that reminds us that if we believe, there is nothing God can’t do.

#15 Forgiven And Forgotten – Montana wonders if God will ever forgive him for all the bad things he has done. But when God forgives, his mistakes are forgiven and forgotten.


Boris Kitty – 1992-2012

The real Boris Kitty is an all-black domestic short-hair cat that is just as spunky and loveable as he was when he first entered Harrison Woodard’s life over 15 years ago.
BORIS UPDATE – See the January Update (2013) on Boris.

Most of the Boris Kitty stories are based on actual events in his life. He is a wonderful friend and a constant source of inspiration.

Boris Kitty even has his own Facebook page where you can follow his daily antics. Simply send him a Friend Request.

You can learn more about the author his personal blog: Harrison Woodard.

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  1. Sandy Petrille says:

    I love your site and use it often in doing my Kid’s Church lessons. It would be very helpful if you had a search button. For example when doing a lesson on forgiveness I could type the word in and you would give me the titles of all the stories that pertain to forgiveness.
    Thank you for making you creative writings available for use. May God bless you mightily in your life and work.

    • Harrison says:

      Thanks for the suggestion. I added a search bar in the first sidebar. It is a WordPress widget, so hopefully it will produce satisfactory results. I will test it and also search for any better alternatives.


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