This was an update that I did not want to ever write. Last fall, I lost my best friend, muse, sidekick, and inspiration for the last 20 years, my cat Boris. So many people have suggested getting another cat, and that may come some day. But for now, I just can’t see anything taking his place. He came into my life, reluctantly, as a little kitten. I was working at home at the time, and he seemed to have a fondness to sleep on me, or between me and my keyboard when I attempted to work. He was so unlike cats I had known in my past. Many of them had attittudes and were quite selfish. Boris was just the opposite. He gave much more love than any animal I have ever known.

He was always eager to see me, or be near me. I would let him out, and he would come home when I called. He was fearless in the face of dogs three times his size. And more than once tangled with wild animals that would have killed a normal house cat. Yet he was always kind and playful, kitten-like throughout his life.

During some really trying times, when it seemed as if I did not have a friend in this world, he was there. And on more than one occassion, he gave me a reason to not give it all up. When things get tough, people often run from God, or in my case, run away from everyone. Its during these dark times, whether you know it or not, is when you need God and friends of like precious faith the most. I know a number of times, God was working through Boris, to get me back where I belong, back in life, and back under His wings. I know from the Bible how often God used animals – Balaam (donkey), Elijah (ravens), Jonah (fish), Jesus (donkey & fish) to carry out his will. I don’t think it strange He could have used Boris to help me.

I am so thankful that I had him for so long. He was always healthy and happy to the very end. I came home from work one day and found him dead. As far as I can tell there was no pain or suffering, I hope that was the case. Since God created animals, I know He loves them. If there is a Heaven for animals, Boris will be there.

Goodbye my dear friend.


Boris Kitty

Boris Kitty – 1992-2012


Here’s a quick update on additions made in the Matney Woodard empire over the last 90 days.

King’s Kid Stuff – A topical post on Psalm 91 was added exploring God’s protection promises. And a post on Jesus and the Samaritan Woman At The Well – a wonderful story on evangelism.

Matney Woodard Entertainment – As we approach the Easter Season, don’t forget all our resources on the Palm Sunday and Easter pages. And of course the most recent addition – a Bible Story – Jesus And The Woman At The Well.

Harrison Woodard – On my personal blog you can find author commentary, such as the story behind Mette’s Christmas Miracle, and Do You Believe In Love, starting with the song “I Believe In Love” from the motion picture Mirror Mirror, this post takes a Biblical look at Love, and why we should believe in Him.

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