Devil Got Your Tongue

Story By
Harrison Woodard

Illustrations By
Donna Rosin

Throughout the Bible we are taught to speak in agreement with God’s Word. In this story, Boris learns that when he talks of failure and defeat, he will get exactly that. But when he speaks in agreement with God’s Word, there is nothing he can’t do. A Christian children’s story for kids of all ages.


But Jesus told him, “No! The Scriptures say, ‘People do not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.’ ” — Matthew 4:4 NLT

A good person produces good things from the treasury of a good heart, and an evil person produces evil things from the treasury of an evil heart. What you say flows from what is in your heart.
— Luke 6:45 NLT

Devil Got Your Tongue - Boris Kitty Story

Boris hopped down from his favorite napping spot and ran downstairs.

“That was an incredible nap,” he thought.

He looked for his parents, but they were outside working in the yard.

“Wait a minute,” said Boris as he caught the scent of something good. “Mom and Dad had tuna for lunch!”

Boris loved tuna. He ran into the kitchen expecting to find a small bowl near his food, but there was nothing there.

Boris Loves Tuna

“Surely, they didn’t forget me,” said Boris.

He carefully sniffed the air until he located the source. Up on the kitchen counter there was a bowl.

“I bet my tuna is in there,” said Boris.

Boris Eats Tuna

He crouched down to jump. With all his strength he leaped up in the air. But it wasn’t enough. He tried again, but still couldn’t reach the top. The counter was just too high.

He looked around for another way to reach his tuna, but there wasn’t anyway for him to get up there.

“I’ll never be able to jump that high,” said Boris sadly.

He sat down and waited for his parents to come back inside.

After a little while, Pam came into the kitchen to get a glass of water.

“Oh I’m sorry Boris,” said Pam. “I forgot to put your tuna where you can reach it.”

She placed the bowl down on the floor.

“I’m surprised you didn’t just jump up on the counter,” said Pam as she stroked his back.

Boris was too busy enjoying his snack to worry about it now.

Cats on a Roof

The next day Boris was playing with Montana and Taffy.

“Let’s climb up on the roof,” said Taffy.

The three cats climbed up a tree and out onto a limb that was close to the rooftop. Both Taffy and Montana jumped from the limb onto the rooftop.

Boris reached the limb and looked down. It was a lot farther than he thought. And boy, was he high off the ground.

He stood there for a second studying the situation.

Boris Is Afraid

“Come on Boris,” said Taffy. “You can make it.”

“Its not that far,” added Montana.

“I’m afraid I can’t make it,” said Boris. “I’ll catch up with you later.”

Sadly, Boris climbed down the tree and went home.

Boris and Buddy

Several days later, Boris visited his friend Buddy. Buddy’s parents had bought him some new toys. Boris admired each one.

“These are great,” said Boris. “I wish my parents would get me a new toy. I never get anything.”

“I’m sure that’s not true,” said Buddy. “I know they love you.”

“You’re probably right,” said Boris.

The two played with Buddy’s new toys for the rest of the afternoon.

Boris Prays

That night before going to bed, Boris bowed his head to pray. He thanked God for his parents, his friends, but most of all for His love.

He was almost finished when God spoke to him.

Devil's Words

“Boris, I think the devil got your tongue,” said God.

“What do you mean?” asked Boris.

“You’ve been saying words like “can’t”, “afraid” and “never”. Those aren’t MY words, they belong to the devil,” said God. “How can I bless you if you have more faith in him than me.”

“You’re right. Please forgive me,” said Boris.

“I’m not a God of fear, doubt and failure. All things are possible for those that love me,” explained God. “Don’t you know that I want you to succeed even more than you do?”

“I guess I forgot how much you love me,” said Boris.

“Do you know what to say and believe from now on?” asked God.

“Yes I do,” said Boris.

The next morning after breakfast he was in the kitchen staring at the kitchen counter.

“Its not that high,” said Boris. “And besides, I can do all things because God gives me strength.”

He crouched down, jumped and landed safely on the kitchen counter.

“That wasn’t hard at all!” exclaimed Boris. “Thanks God for giving me strength.”

Boris On The Roof

Later that day he was playing with Taffy and Montana. They all decided to climb up on the roof again. Taffy and Montana jumped up on the roof and waited for Boris. He climbed out on the limb.

“God loves me. I am not afraid,” said Boris confidently.

He jumped and landed safely next to Taffy and Montana.

“Come on Boris, we’ve got something to show you,” said Taffy.

The three ran off to play on the roof.

Boris' New Toy

After dinner, Boris lay down on the floor for a nap.

“Thanks God, this has been a great day. You always give me the very best!”

As he lay there thinking about how good God is, his parents came home from the store. Boris ran to the kitchen to greet them.

“Hello Boris,” said Pam.

“We got you something,” said Chris. “ I hope you like it.”

Chris handed Boris a brand new toy. Boris was so excited he played with it until bedtime.

Boris Thanks God

After putting it with the rest of his toys, he bowed his head to pray,

“Thanks God for my family, friends, my new toy and most of all your love.”

He paused for a second,

“Oh and I almost forgot, I’ll never let the devil get my tongue again.”




Something To Think About

Faith is like a seed. It needs to be planted and allowed time to grow and flourish. You do this by continually speaking God’s Word and planting it in your heart. As you continue to hear God’s Word and exercise your faith, you will soon find that there is nothing you can’t do by faith.

But the opposite is true as well. If you continually talk fear, doubt and unbelief, your faith will disappear and you will reap a harvest of fear and failure.

Start planting some good seed by speaking God’s Word daily. Faith comes from hearing God’s Word, so the more you speak it, the stronger your faith will grow.

For verses on how your words can change your life for better or worse, see the following scriptures:

Numbers 14:28Job 15:6 – Psalm 19:1421:259:12 141:3Proverbs 10:19-2112:14 – 16:2317:2018:6-720-2121:23Ecclesiastes 10:12

Matthew 12:3715:1816:19Mark 11:23Luke 8:11-15Romans 10:8-10James 1:6-71 Peter 3:10


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