Boris In The Lyons’ Den

Story By
Harrison Woodard

Illustrations By
Donna Rosin


For Mandy

My love of all God’s creatures can be traced back to the loyalty and affection given me by that lovable little mutt.

After the death of Grandpa Lyons, Grandma Lyons and her dog Mandy let their sadness pull them apart. Determined to bring them together, Boris puts his faith to work and learns that all things are possible with God. A Christian children’s story for kids of all ages.


A good tree produces good fruit, and a bad tree produces bad fruit. A good tree can’t produce bad fruit, and a bad tree can’t produce good fruit. So every tree that does not produce good fruit is chopped down and thrown into the fire. Yes, just as you can identify a tree by its fruit, so you can identify people by their actions. — Matthew 7:17-20 NLT

Boris In The Lyon's Den - Holiday Cat Story

“Let’s go Boris,” shouted Pam. “We’re going to miss dinner if we don’t leave now!”

Boris came running down the stairs and jumped into his pet carrier. He was so excited because this was his first big trip. The family was going to visit Pam’s grandmother, Mrs. Lyons, for the holidays. Grandpa Lyons was now with God, so Pam thought she would appreciate having some visitors.

Trip To Grandma's House

Pam and Chris finished loading the car and off they went to grandma’s house.

After a little while, they arrived at Grandma Lyons. Pam’s sister Amanda was already there and greeted them in the front yard.

“Well hello Boris,” said Amanda. “It sure is good to see you again.”

Boris was happy to see Amanda too. Amanda had adopted him from the animal shelter, but she had to give him to Pam and Chris when her allergies acted up.

At Grandma's House

Grandma Lyons met them at the door and gave both Pam and Chris a big hug.

“And this must be Boris,” said Grandma Lyons peeking in the carrier. “You sure are a handsome kitty.”

Boris liked her already.

“Come on in. I have plenty of food prepared,” said Grandma Lyons.

Boris Smells Turkey

Boris sniffed the air, “I smell chicken. Wait, that’s turkey!”

Chris set the carrier down and opened the door. Boris cautiously crept to the carrier’s entrance and looked around. Everyone else had gone into the den and left Boris in the hallway.


“You remember Mandy don’t you?” asked Grandma Lyons.

Mandy was Grandma Lyons’ dog.

“Hey girl how are you?” said Pam as she leaned down to pet her.

Mandy was very happy to see some new people. Both Pam and Chris gave her a good petting. She was so excited that she rolled over and let them rub her tummy.

Mandy Confronts Boris

As she lay there enjoying the attention, she smelled something strange. Rolling over she saw Boris sitting in the doorway.

“Who are you!” growled Mandy. “What are you doing here? Get out of my house!!”

Boris didn’t even get a chance to answer. Mandy chased him down the hallway and under the guest bed.

Mandy Goes Outside

“Come on Mandy,” said Grandma Lyons. “If you can’t behave, you will have to stay outside.”

She grabbed Mandy by the collar and led her out the backdoor.

“She just hasn’t been the same since Grandpa left,” said Grandma Lyons. “Is Boris OK?”

Boris Under The Bed

“He’s a little startled, but he’ll be fine,” said Chris crouching down to look under the bed. “Its OK Boris, Mandy is outside.”

Boris stayed under the bed until nighttime. After everyone went to sleep, he crept out and went exploring. He entered the kitchen and found his bowl loaded up with food. He hadn’t eaten since morning, so he was pretty hungry.

“I better make sure its safe first,” said Boris.

Boris Wanders Through The House

He walked into the den and peeked out the backdoor. There was Mandy asleep on the patio. He found the utility room and a pet door. He tried to push it open, but it wouldn’t budge. He took a step back and studied it a bit closer.

“I see how this works,” said Boris as he unlocked the door.

Boris Unlocks The Pet Door

He pushed his head through the door and peeked out. The door went into the backyard and he was only a few feet away from where Mandy was sleeping.”

“Oops,” whispered Boris as he quietly pulled his head back. “Don’t want to wake her.”

Having explored the entire house, he found a warm spot and settled down for the night.

Boris Prays

He quietly prayed, “Dear God, what’s wrong with Mandy and what can I do to help?”

“She’s lonely,” said God. “Grandpa Lyons is gone and Grandma Lyons is very sad.”

“I would think they would want to be even closer to each other,” said Boris.

“Everyone acts differently when they are sad. Some act angry and some just want to be alone,” explained God.

“What should I do?” asked Boris.

“Just ask and believe,” said God. “I’ll do the rest.”

Boris thought for a second. This was an important prayer and he wanted to make sure he asked in faith.

“Thanks God for bringing Grandma Lyons and Mandy back together. They are both very happy and love each other again,” prayed Boris.

“Perfect,” said God. “It’s done just as you prayed.”

Boris Talks To Mandy

The next evening Boris climbed through the pet door and into the backyard.

“Wake up Mandy,” whispered Boris.

“What are you doing?” asked Mandy. “How did you get outside?”

“I opened the pet door in the utility room,” said Boris.

“Why did you do that?” asked Mandy.

“I just wanted to talk,” said Boris. “I’m sorry you have to stay outside.”

“Its really not your fault. Ever since dad died, mom has made me stay outside a lot,” said Mandy.

“Why is that?” asked Boris.

“I don’t know. When he was still around, I always slept with them,” said Mandy. We would always walk down to the park together. I was very happy. They loved me and I loved them.”

“Maybe Grandma Lyons is just really sad,” said Boris. “I’m sure she still loves you.”

“I just wish things would go back to the way they were,” said Mandy. “I don’t want her to be sad.”

“And they will,” said Boris. “I prayed for you last night and I know God will make things better. Be patient. God has a plan.”

“What is it?” asked Mandy.

“I don’t know all the details yet, but watch through the backdoor. When you see me give you the signal come through the pet door in the utility room. I will leave it unlatched,” said Boris.

“You sure it will work?” asked Mandy.

“Have faith in God. He will make it work,” said Boris.

Boris Takes A Nap

It was a couple of days later and Boris still hadn’t found the right moment to signal Mandy.

“God, is there anything I need to do?” prayed Boris.

“Just be patient,” said God. “Everything is moving according to My plan.”

Confident that God was in control, Boris curled up for an afternoon nap.

Boris and the Ribbon

Later that day, everyone sat down in the den to chat.

And God spoke to Boris, “Wake up Boris.”

“Huh?” asked a sleepy Boris.

“Go to the bookcase,” said God. “Its time.”

Boris walked over to the bookcase and looked at all the books.

“What now?” asked Boris.

“See that little blue ribbon? Swat at it a few times,” said God.

Boris was a little puzzled by the request, but he obeyed. He sat up on his hind legs and began swatting at the ribbon.

The Photo Album

“Boris, what are you doing?” asked Pam.

Pam walked over to the bookcase and gently pushed Boris aside.

“Grandma what’s this?” asked Pam as she pulled the big book with the dangling blue ribbon from the shelf.

“What’s what?” asked Grandma Lyons.

Pam carried the book over to the couch and sat down next to her grandmother.

“Oh, that’s my photo album,” said Grandma Lyons.

Amanda sat down on the other side of Grandma Lyons and the three proceeded to look at each picture. As Grandma Lyons told the story behind each photo, her face lit up with a great big smile.

“That’s Grandpa and me down at the park feeding the ducks. Oh, how he loved walking down to the park each day,” said Grandma.

Boris Signals Mandy

Boris quickly realized this was his big chance. He looked over at Mandy who was sitting at the backdoor and gave her the signal. A few minutes later Mandy came trotting in the room holding her leash in her mouth. She walked over to Grandma Lyons and rested her head in her lap.

Mandy and Grandma Lyons

“How’d you get in here?” asked Grandma Lyons as she patted her gently on the head. “You miss those walks too, don’t you?”

“Grandma will you show us your park?” asked Pam.

“Come on! Let’s walk down there,” added Amanda.

“Let me get my walking shoes,” said Grandma.

Boris Watches From the Window

Grandma Lyons put Mandy’s leash on her and everyone headed towards the park. Boris watched them from the window until they disappeared behind some trees.

Boris bowed his head and prayed, “Is there anything else I need to do?”

“No. Thanks to you, Mandy and Grandma Lyons will be very happy together,” said God.

“You did all the hard work. I just swatted at a ribbon,” said Boris.

“That’s not true. You had faith that was motivated by love. When you have faith and love together in your heart you can move mountains,” said God. “It was your faith that made this miracle happen.”

Boris By The Fire

Later that night Boris was curled up in front of the fireplace. He woke up and saw Mandy standing over him.

“What’s wrong?” asked Boris.

“I just wanted to say thank you for everything you did for me,” said Mandy. “And also apologize for what I said when you first arrived. I’m glad you came to visit.”

“Me too,” added Boris.

“Good night,” shouted Mandy as she ran upstairs.

Mandy In Bed

Mandy jumped in bed with Grandma Lyons and snuggled up next to her.

There are a lot of happy dogs in the world, but that night, she was the happiest one of them all.



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