Black Cats Aren’t Scary

Story By
Harrison Woodard

Illustrations By
Donna Rosin

Halloween is a holiday that many people view as harmless fun. But Boris learns that it also promotes prejudice and hatred of black cats. Determined to do something about it, God tells him the secret to defeating hate. A perfect Christian story for Halloween.

“But I say to you who listen: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. Just as you want others to do for you, do the same for them.”
— Luke 6:27-28, 31 HCSB


It was a beautiful fall afternoon in Whispering Pines, so Boris took a stroll downtown. He loved looking in every shop window to see what was new. Suddenly, he was startled by what he saw in one of the windows.

“What’s this?” asked Boris.

The druggist had decorated her store in a Halloween theme. There were witches, demons, monsters, jack-o-lanterns, and scary-looking black cats all over the window.

Boris sat there silently studying the display.

“Witches, demons and monsters are scary. Pumpkins with ugly faces carved in them look scary. But black cats aren’t scary!” said Boris.

Boris continued down the sidewalk. Almost every window he passed had a scary-looking black cat in it.

As he headed towards home, he met a lady and her young son.

“Look mommy, a kitty,” said the little boy pointing at Boris.

“Stay away from him,” said the mother. “Black cats are bad luck.”

They scurried away; making sure Boris didn’t cross their path.

Boris shouted, “Black cats don’t cause bad luck!”

But the people were already long gone.

Boris reached his neighborhood and was almost home when he stopped to watch a group of girls playing in their front yard. One of the younger girls saw Boris and came over to say hello.

“Don’t pet a black cat. They are evil,” shouted one of the older girls.

“He might cast a spell on you,” added another.

“I don’t want that!” exclaimed the younger girl as she ran back to the group.

Boris sat there shaking his head, “Black cats aren’t evil. What’s wrong with everyone today?”

He lowered his head and walked home.

“Hey Boris, where have you been today?” asked Taffy.

“I went downtown,” said Boris. “Did you know the whole town is scared of black cats?”

“That’s crazy,” said Taffy. “What gave you that idea?”

“All the stores have scary-looking black cats in their windows. And everywhere I go, people avoid me. They say I am evil, or bad luck,” explained Boris.

“Boris, you know that’s not true,” said Taffy. “God made you. You are not scary.”

“I know that. I just wish everyone else knew it,” said Boris sadly.

“Halloween sometimes brings the worst out of people,” said Taffy. “It will be over soon and everything will get back to normal.”

“I hope so,” said Boris.

The next day was Halloween. Boris’ parents decided that he should stay inside.

“People aren’t very nice to black cats on Halloween,” said Pam. “You better stay in tonight.”

That was OK with Boris. He really didn’t want to go outside anyway. He was so sad that everyone thought he was scary.

From his spot on the windowsill, Boris watched the trick-or-treaters come and go. Some of the costumes were very scary.

“Why are people afraid of me?” wondered Boris.

He bowed is head to pray, “God, why do people hate black cats? You created me. Why would anyone think I was evil or bad luck?”

Boris sat there quietly listening for God’s voice. Several minutes passed and God didn’t answer.

“God, are you there?” asked Boris.

There was nothing but silence.

Boris got a little nervous, and then, a little scared, “God, I know you’re listening. Aren’t you?”

And God said, “You know I am always listening.”

“Please forgive me. I got a little concerned when I didn’t hear from you,” said Boris.

“You were scared weren’t you?” asked God.

“Yes,” said Boris.

“Do you think people who don’t know me are very brave?” asked God.

“They’re probably scared of everything,” said Boris.

“For people that don’t know that I love them, the world is a very scary place,” said God. “Wouldn’t you agree?”

“I sure would,” said Boris. “If people knew how much you love them they would never hate anyone or be afraid of anything.”

Boris thought for a moment, “How can I change what people think about me?”

“Boris, people blame me for all kinds of bad stuff. And they say very mean things about me too,” explained God.

“What do you do?” asked Boris.

“I just love them,” said God.

“And if they don’t stop?” asked Boris.

“I just keep on loving them,” said God. “There’s no better way to change what people think about you than to love them, even when they don’t love you back.”

“Thanks. I know exactly what I’m going to do from now on,” said Boris.

The next day Boris ran down to the park to play. The mother and the little boy from downtown were there. Boris cautiously approached the boy and rubbed against his leg.

“Bobby, what did I tell you about black cats!” shouted his mother.

“Its ok Mommy,” said Bobby petting Boris. “He’s a sweet kitty.”

Bobby’s mother came over and rubbed Boris’ neck.

“I guess black cats aren’t that scary after all,” said the mother.

And Boris agreed.

Black cats aren’t scary.

The End


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