A Friend For Boris

Story By
Harrison Woodard

Illustrations By
Donna Rosin

God knows that we need friends and companionship. His great plan for our life includes fellowship with others. In this story, Boris explores his new neighborhood looking for friends. He is pleasantly surprised by the friend that God sends. A Christian children’s story for kids of all ages.


Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete. — John 16:24 NIV

A Friend For Boris

It was a beautiful morning in Whispering Pines. Boris decided to explore his new neighborhood. He wanted to make some friends.

He climbed through his pet door and walked around to the front of the house. Crouching down, he sniffed the air.

Boris Climbs A Tree

It seemed safe. He tucked his ears back, ran across the yard, and jumped onto the trunk of the tallest tree in the yard. He clung there for a moment.

“I’ll climb it later,” said Boris as he jumped back down.

Boris at the Park

He walked down to the park, where he saw a squirrel working.

“Will you be my friend?” asked Boris.

“I have work to do,” said the squirrel. “I don’t have time to play with you.”

With that, he scrambled up the tree and out of site.

Boris and Ducks

Boris saw three ducks swimming on Bradley Pond. He ran over to them.

“Will you play with me?” asked Boris?

One duck shouted, “Go away. We don’t play with cats!”

Boris left the park and headed towards home. He was so disappointed that he couldn’t find a friend.

He stopped for a moment to pray, “Dear Lord, please send me a friend.”

As he walked down the alley, he heard something strange.

“What kind of animal makes that sound?” he wondered.

Boris and the Chickens

He crawled under the fence and walked towards the noise. There was a very tall fence around a little building. There were several strange animals walking around outside the building.

“What kind of animal are you?” asked Boris.

Will Boris Eat the Chickens?

The chickens saw Boris and began to panic, “Run away! Run away! There’s a cat outside our coop. He’s going to eat us!”

“I’m not going to hurt you,” shouted Boris.

But the chickens were in such a panic they wouldn’t listen. They continued running around making all sorts of noise.

Boris Meets Fred

“Who’s makin’ all that fuss?” asked a voice from behind Boris.

Boris turned to see an old hound dog glaring at him.

“Son, what the heck are you doin’?” asked the hound dog.

“I was just looking for a friend,” said Boris. “My name is Boris. What’s yours?”

“My name is Fred. This is my farm. I watch over things for my parents,” said Fred.

“How long have you lived here?” asked Boris.

“I don’t rightly know. I’ve been here as long as I can remember. Dad was here before me, and Grandpa before him,” said Fred

“I bet things were a lot more exciting back then,” said Boris.

History of Whispering Pines

“Back when I was a puppy, Whispering Pines was just a stop sign and a post office. This used to be the biggest farm ‘round these parts,” explained Fred. “Back then, Dad and I had to be on our toes to protect the farm from coyotes, bobcats and other varmints.”

“Will you play with me?” asked Boris.

“Son, I’m a little too old to play,” said Fred. “You need to find someone closer to your age.”

“I asked God to send me a friend,” said Boris.

“Well then, just trust the Lord, he knows what you need,” said Fred “But stop by for a visit anytime you like.”

Boris Peeks In Window

Boris headed home. He decided to cut through the backyard of his neighbor’s house. A family had just moved in and he wanted to see what they were like. He climbed over the fence and crossed the yard. He stood on his hind legs and looked into one of the back windows.

“Hey, what are you looking for?” asked a voice from up in a tree.

Boris was startled by the sound of another cat’s voice.

“Who said that?” he asked.

“Up here,” said the voice.

Boris looked up into the tree. There, sitting on a low limb was Taffy, his friend from the animal shelter.

Boris Is reunited With Taffy

“Taffy!” shouted Boris, as he bounded up the tree and sat down on the same limb.

“When did you move into the neighborhood?” asked Boris.

“My parents moved in two weeks ago. They kept me indoors until I got used to my new home,” she said. “Where do you live?”

“Just across the street,” said Boris.

“I’ve been praying for you,” said Taffy. “I’m glad you found a nice home.”

“I asked God for a friend,” said Boris. “I’m glad He sent you.”

“Do you want to play?” asked Boris.

“Sure,” said Taffy.

Taffy Chases Boris

They climbed down and played chase until morning. Never in the history of the world had there been two happier cats.




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