The Adoption Miracle

Story By
Harrison Woodard

Illustrations By
Donna Rosin

Sometimes we expect instant answers to our prayers. But we must remember that God is in complete control of the situation and His timing might not be the same as ours. In this story, Boris learns that he must patiently wait for God to answer his prayer.

Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see.
— Hebrews 11:1 NLT


Once, there was a kitten named Boris. He lived at the animal shelter. Like all the animals, he wanted a home.

Some of the other cats teased him. They told him he would never get adopted.

“Don’t you know Boris,” said a calico cat. “Black cats are bad luck.”

A big tabby added, “Black cats are scary! Nobody will want you.”

“Don’t listen to them,” said Taffy, a white Persian kitten in the next cage. “There is a home waiting for you.”

Boris ignored her. He buried his face in his paws and quietly cried.

The next day the shelter was full of people. All the cats pranced and purred, hoping to get adopted. Not Boris, he hid at the back of his cage. He thought nobody wanted him.

“Billy, here is a black kitty,” said a lady to her son. “What do you think of him?”

Billy looked at Boris, “No, he looks boring. I like the tabby over here. I want him.”

After several days, only Boris and Taffy remained.

“A lot of cats were adopted today. We’ll be next,” said Taffy.

“You’ll get adopted and I’ll be here all alone,” sighed Boris as he inspected his food.

“Why do you think that?” asked Taffy.

“Didn’t you hear the other cats? Nobody wants a black cat,” said Boris.

“That’s silly,” said Taffy. “I asked God to find us both a home and he will not let us down.”

“Who is God?” asked Boris.

“God created the world. He looks after all living things and loves everyone,” said Taffy.

“Even me?” asked Boris.

“Especially you,” said Taffy. “He will provide a solution to any problem. You just have to ask him and believe He will answer.”

“How do I ask Him?” asked Boris. “Where is He?”

“He is everywhere,” said Taffy. “Simply close your eyes and talk to Him. He is always listening. Give it a try.”

“He closed is his eyes and softly prayed, “God, please find Taffy and me a home.”

“See, that wasn’t so hard,” said Taffy. “Now get some sleep, tomorrow will be a special day, you’ll see.”

The next day a father and his son visited the shelter.

“We’re looking for a kitten,” said the father. “Do you have any?”

“We only have two left,” said Charlie the shelter volunteer.

The father and son followed Charlie into the cat room.

Both kittens stared eagerly at the boy. The boy looked at Boris and then at Taffy.

“I want this one,” said the boy pointing to Taffy.

Charlie opened Taffy’s cage and she jumped into the boy’s arms.

“Goodbye Taffy,” said Boris. “I’ll miss you.”

“Don’t forget that God loves you,” said Taffy as she waved goodbye.

As the day dragged on, several more people visited the shelter, but nobody wanted Boris. After closing, Boris quietly watched Charlie clean out Taffy’s cage.

“Somebody will want you,” said Charlie. “Maybe tomorrow.”

Charlie finished his chores and left for the night. Except for the barking dogs down the hall, Boris was alone.

He bowed his head and prayed, “God, I know you won’t forget me.”

Boris went to sleep dreaming about his new home.

The next day the shelter was full of people, but everyone had a reason for not picking Boris.

“I wanted a Persian,” said an older woman.

“He’s too small,” said a boy.

“I don’t want a black cat,” said a woman.

“I want a female kitty,” said a young girl.

“Let’s look at the dogs,” said a group of children.

No matter how sweet Boris acted, nobody wanted him.

It was almost closing time when he heard a woman’s voice from the lobby.

“Do you have any kittens?”

“Well, we have one male kitten, but he’s black,” said Charlie.

“May I take a look?” asked the woman.

“Sure,” said Charlie. “Right this way.”

She followed Charlie into the cat room and over to Boris.

“Oh, he is precious,” said the woman. “He is exactly what I want!”

Charlie opened the cage and Boris jumped into the woman’s arms.

As they walked out of the shelter, Boris bowed his head and prayed,

“Thank you God for finding me a home.”


The End


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