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Animal Parables

Ask the animals and they will teach you — Job 12:7 NLT

Animal Parables are designed to entertain and teach children of all ages. Kids will see God’s love through the eyes of the animals in each of these inspirational stories and lessons.

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ANIMAL PARABLES – BIBLE STORIES – All your favorite Bible stories as told by the animals that were there. Every story features new characters and new inspirational lessons. Perfect for Church, Sunday School, or to share with the children in your life. Be sure and check out the Animal Parable Bible Lessons for each story. These kids Bible devotions are perfect for teaching Bible truths to children, teens, and King’s kids of all ages.


“Just a little note to tell you how much the ladies from our U. M. Women’s group appreciated the story of the camels (The Three Camels). Maybe it was written for children, but there really is a child in all of us. Thanks for your good work.” — Joan Wultsch – United Methodist Women – Arona, Pennsylvania


Echo In Egypt – No doubt you’ve heard the story of Joseph and the seven years of famine. But did you hear the story about Echo the homeless cat that befriended him while he was in prison? When she gave God her best, He gave Echo His best.

Echo In Egypt – AP Bible Lesson – A Parable About Giving God Your Best

Tasha, The Catch Of The Day – How do you catch a fish with a coin in its mouth? If you have the God-kind of faith, anything is possible. To learn the rest of this fish tale, read this story about a faithful fish named Tasha.

Tasha, The Catch Of The Day – AP Bible Lesson – A Parable About Faithfully Serving God

Humongous Hollis – Did you ever wonder about the large fish that swallowed Jonah? Well, here is his story. Hollis learns that God does not see limitations, but instead, sees unlimited possibilities in all of us.

Humongous Hollis – AP Bible Lesson – A Parable About Knowing God’s Will

Kirsi, The Little Lost Lamb – What are you searching for in life? In this story, a little lamb named Kirsi risks her life to see Jesus. Read about her adventure as she travels to Bethlehem to witness the miracle.

Kirsi, The Little Lost lamb – AP Bible Lesson – A Parable About Searching For Christ

The Gift That Kept Giving – Do you remember the miracle feeding of the 5,000? Follow the adventures of a little boy named Michael and his cat Kenji when they go hear Jesus preach. Learn how their gift to Jesus was multiplied to feed everyone.

The Gift That Kept Giving – AP Bible Lesson – A Parable About Giving

Hanna’s Parade – Ever hear the story of Hanna? She was a little sick donkey who wanted to be healthy. Her life was forever changed when she met Jesus. You will love this charming story about Palm Sunday and the healing power of Jesus.

Hanna’s Parade – AP Bible Lesson – A Parable About Faith & Healing

Roxie’s Big News – Imagine being the first person to see Jesus after he conquered death. What an experience that would be! Roxie was a little dove who waited patiently for Jesus to return. Her faith was rewarded when she was the first to see Jesus and announce the news of his resurrection to the world.

Roxie’s Big News – AP Bible Lesson – A Parable About Spreading The Good News

The Three Camels – This is the story of the three wise men and their camels: Erin, Nina, and Penda. The camels asked God to send them on a great adventure and boy did He ever! Saddle-up for the journey of a lifetime.

The Three Camels – AP Bible Lesson – A Parable About Seeing The Whole Picture

The Three Camels Play – A play based on the Three Camels story.

Rockwell’s Dream – Sometimes following God means going against popular opinion and standing alone. In this story, God uses a brave little raven named Rockwell to feed Elijah. Learn how God can use even the smallest creatures to carry out His will.

Rockwell’s Dream – AP Bible Lesson – A Parable About Trusting God For Our Needs

Samson & Dakota – You’ve heard the story of Samson and Delilah, but what about Samson and Dakota? Dakota was a very special dog that lived in a Philistine prison. Her life was forever changed when she met Samson and obeyed God.

Samson & Dakota – AP Bible Lesson – A Parable About Friendship


ANIMAL PARABLES – KIDS STORIES – AP Kids stories are Christian children’s stories that feature animals. Each one contains positive Christian lessons on faith and God’s love for His creation.

Mette’s Christmas Miracle – During a terrible Norwegian winter, a little sparrow named Mette proves that God is always ready to help. This story explains the birth of a Scandinavian Christmas custom that is for the birds.

Duarte, The Good Shepherd – Duarte was an outsider on his farm. The sheep avoided him and he was left alone wondering why he was even there. But with God’s help, he learns how important he really is.

Noah & Waverly – A Scissortail Love Story – A young scissortail flycatcher named Noah learns that when he loves others and trusts God, he receives all his heart’s desires. A Christian love story inspired by a very loving God.

The Three Doves – Three birds learn the importance of faith in the name of Jesus.

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    Love your stories. Use them often in Kid’s church. Liked the old site better where you had pictures accompanying the stories.

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