An Animal Parable Bible Story – Peter And A Coin Carrying Fish

Ask the animals and they will teach you — Job 12:7 NLT


For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. — Ephesians 2:10 NIV



When the tax collectors asked Peter whether or not Jesus paid the Temple tax, he told them Jesus did. As the Son of God, Jesus was exempt. But Jesus did not want to offend anyone so he sent Peter on a most unusual fishing trip. This Animal Parable is the story of the fish that delivered the coin to pay their taxes. You can read the real story in your Bible at Matthew 17:24-27. After you read Tasha, The Catch Of The Day, visit the Animal Parable Bible Lesson for a kids devotion on faithfully serving God that is based on this children’s story.

Tasha, The Catch Of The Day 

By Harrison Woodard


Once there was a fish named Tasha that lived in the Sea of Galilee. Tasha had a pretty exciting life. Dodging fishermen’s nets, hunting for food and avoiding bigger fish kept her very busy. But Tasha wanted more. She wanted to do something special for God.

Every morning and evening she thanked God for His protection and giving her everything she needed. At the end of each prayer she would always add,

“If you ever need me to do anything, I’m ready!”

She told all her friends that God was going to use her for something very special.

“Tasha, God doesn’t need a fish to do anything for Him,” said one.

“You’re nothing but a tiny little fish in a sea full of other fish,” said another. “Why would God pick you?”

All the fish laughed at Tasha. They thought her faith in God was silly.

Their teasing didn’t bother Tasha. She just smiled and swam away.

Day after day, her faith grew as she continued to thank God for everything. And as each day passed, she knew that God would use her for something very important.

And you know what?

He did!

One morning she heard a very soft voice.

“Tasha. Tasha,” said the voice.

“Hear I am,” said Tasha. She looked all around, but there was nobody nearby.

“Tasha this is God,” said God. “I need your help.”

“What is it?” asked Tasha.

“Do you know where the old shipwreck is at the bottom of the sea?” asked God.

“Yes,” said Tasha.

“Swim to the wreck. Next to the rudder in the sand is a coin. Go get that coin,” said God.

Tasha swam as fast as she could to the old shipwreck. Just as God had said, there was a shiny coin lying next to the rudder. She scooped it up in her mouth and waited patiently for God’s instructions.

“Head towards the fishing village on the northwest shore of the sea,” said God.

The shipwreck was in the middle of the sea, so Tasha swam all morning until she could see the village in the distance.

“In a moment, a small boat will leave. The fisherman will drop a hook into the water. Bite that hook and let him catch you. The coin is for him,” said God.

“But…” started Tasha.

She couldn’t even finish the sentence before God stopped her.

“Don’t be afraid. His name is Peter. He will take the coin from you and return you to the sea,” said God. “I will protect you.”

Soon Tasha saw a small boat leave the village. She followed the boat until it stopped. Just as God said, Peter dropped a line and a hook into the water.

The area was filled with fish and several rushed towards the hook. Tasha knew she had to be first, so she charged forward and chased the other fish away. After they left, she grabbed the hook and gave it a good tug.

Peter pulled Tasha out of the water. He gently opened her mouth. There, sitting in Tasha’s mouth was a shiny coin. Peter reached in and removed the coin and the hook.

“Its here! Praise God its here!” shouted Peter. “Just as Jesus said it would be!”

Peter continued to praise God as he lowered Tasha back into the water. In a moment she was free and swimming towards her home.

As she was swimming home, she talked to God about all that had happened.

“Who was that man?” asked Tasha.

“Peter is a friend of my Son, Jesus. Peter told the tax collectors that Jesus paid the Temple tax. Since Jesus is my Son, he shouldn’t have to pay anything. But since Peter said he did, Jesus had to provide a coin to pay the tax for both Peter and Jesus,” explained God.

“How did he know how to get the coin?” asked Tasha.

“That was easy. Jesus simply told Peter to go fishing and that there would be a coin in the mouth of the first fish he caught,” said God. “Since his words were filled with faith, he knew that it would happen just as he had said.”

Tasha thought about it.

“But why me?” asked Tasha.

“You wanted to do something for me didn’t you?” asked God.

“Yes,” said Tasha.

“Who do you think gave you that desire in the first place?” asked God.

“You must have,” said Tasha.

“You believed I would do what you asked, so I had to send you,” said God.

Tasha kept swimming. There was just one more question she had to ask.

“But of all the fish in the sea, surely there were others that had the same dream. Why me?”

“All the others were too busy. You were the only one who would listen,” said God. “And because of this, your story will be told throughout history. People around the world will know all that you did.”

“That’s awesome!” said Tasha. “Thanks God!”

From then on, every morning and evening Tasha praised God for giving her everything she needed and His protection. At the end of each prayer she would always add,

“If you need me to do anything, I’m always ready.”

And you know what?

God always needed her.



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