An Animal Parable Bible Story – Samson & Delilah

Ask the animals and they will teach you — Job 12:7 NLT


So, my dear brothers and sisters, be strong and immovable. Always work enthusiastically for the Lord, for you know that nothing you do for the Lord is ever useless. — 1 Corinthians 15:58 NLT



Based on the Samson & Delilah story, this parable is about how a dog named Dakota helps Samson in prison. You can read the real story in your Bible at Judges 13-16. After you read Samson & Dakota, visit the Animal Parable Bible Lesson for a kids devotion on friendship that is based on this children’s story.

Samson & Dakota 

By Harrison Woodard


A long time ago in Israel, there was a nation of evil people known as the Philistines. They were mighty warriors with the most advanced weapons and fighting tactics. God’s people living nearby were forced to pay high taxes and live under the oppressive rule of the Philistines. They asked God to send them a champion.

And He did.

From birth, the Spirit of God was on Samson and gave him divine strength. And, because of this gift, Samson promised to never cut his hair.

When Samson was a young man, he fell in love with a Philistine woman. His parents arranged for them to be married. But during the engagement celebration, the Philistines tricked Samson and gave his fiancé to another man. Samson was outraged and burned the Philistines’ wheat fields.

The Philistines were scared of Samson and planned to capture him. But every time they tried, Samson would beat them. One time, he removed the city gates of Gaza with his bare hands and carried them away. Another time, he killed 1,000 Philistines sent to capture him with a jawbone of a donkey.

The Philistines looked for a way of defeating Samson. They paid a beautiful woman named Delilah to find out the secret of his great strength. She pretended to love Samson and pleaded with him to know what made him so strong.

After many days, Samson told her his secret. If he cut off his hair, he would break his promise to God and be like any other man.

Delilah waited until Samson was asleep and shaved off all his hair. The Philistines rushed in and captured Samson. They blinded him and took him to Gaza to work as a slave grinding in the prison.

Samson thought his life was finished, but God had one more job for him.

In the prison at Gaza, there lived a little dog named Dakota. Every night she thanked God for what she had. The prison wasn’t very nice, but she was given food and a warm place to sleep. She asked God for a real home and knew that He would answer her prayer.

And He did.

One evening God spoke to her, “Dakota, a man will be placed in your prison. His name is Samson and he is blind. I want you to protect him.”

Dakota said, “I will.”

The next day, Samson arrived at the prison. The other prisoners started teasing him and stole his food. Dakota ran over and guarded Samson, making sure that he received his share. When Samson needed to go somewhere, Dakota would walk next to him and guide him. At night, Dakota lay at his side to keep him warm.

The two became great friends. Everywhere Samson went Dakota would always be at his side.

After several months, the Philistine leaders planned a big celebration. They didn’t believe in God. Instead, they worshiped a statue they called Dagon. They believed Dagon had beaten Samson’s God and would protect them.

The Philistine leaders invited nobles from all around. The feast was held in Dagon’s Temple and people from all over the country attended. Many sat on the roof so they could watch the celebration.

The Philistine leader ordered Samson to be brought out to entertain the crowd. Samson was led from the prison with Dakota at his side.

The crowd laughed at Samson and insulted him.

“Look at the great warrior, he sleeps with the dogs!” said one noble.

“Show us your strength now, Samson,” said another.

“Samson, where is your God?” added a third.

They all laughed at Samson.

“Dakota you must leave this place. Go outside and don’t come back,” said Samson.

He stroked Dakota’s soft fir and she licked him on the cheek.

“You’re a good friend,” said Samson. “Now leave this place. God will take care of you.”

Dakota ran outside as the nobles watched.

“Look even the dogs don’t want to be near you,” joked one of them.

All the Philistines laughed at their prisoner. They thought their statue would protect them.

But it didn’t.

Samson placed his hands on two of the great columns.

Samson prayed, “Dear God, give me strength one last time to punish these evil people.”

He started pushing and the Spirit of God came upon him. The building came crashing down, killing everyone inside and on the roof.

After the dust settled, Dakota found Samson’s body among the ruins. People came and removed their relatives’ bodies. Whenever they got too close to Samson, Dakota chased them away.

During the night, thieves came to steal items from the temple. Dakota watched them fill their bags and growled whenever they came near.

The next day, vultures came looking for a meal. But Dakota wouldn’t let them get near Samson.

“God told me to protect Samson,” said Dakota. “You’ll have to find a meal somewhere else.”

After a couple of days, God spoke to Dakota, “Wake up Dakota.”

“Yes Lord” answered Dakota.

“Samson’s family will come for him today,” said God. “I want you to lead them to him. They have come to take him home.”

Dakota waited patiently all day. It was late in the afternoon when she saw a family in the distance.

“Go,” said God, “Lead them to Samson’s body.”

Dakota immediately ran to Samson’s family. She barked and ran around them, but they didn’t understand her.

“What’s wrong with this dog?” asked Samson’s mother.

“Maybe she knows where we can find Samson,” said his brother. “Show us where he is.”

They followed Dakota to the body. Carefully, they lifted it out of the rubble and placed it on their donkey.

Dakota was happy that Samson was on his way home.

“What about the dog?” asked Samson’s brother. “Shouldn’t she come with us?”

They all agreed that Dakota should live with them.

The family returned home and buried Samson in a secret place. Dakota lived the rest of her life in a very good home. God had answered her prayer.



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