An Animal Parable Bible Story – Shepherds Worship Jesus

Ask the animals and they will teach you — Job 12:7 NLT


Come near to God and he will come near to you. — James 4:8 NIV



Based on the shepherds visit to Bethlehem, this story is about a little lamb determined to see Jesus. You can read the real story in your Bible at Luke 2:8-20. After you read Kirsi, The Little Lost Lamb, visit the Animal Parable Bible Lesson for a kids devotion on searching for Christ that is based on this Christmas children’s story.

Kirsi, The Little Lost Lamb

By Harrison Woodard


Once there was a little lamb named Kirsi. She lived with the other sheep in the hills near Bethlehem. Every day the shepherds led them out to the green pastures. At night, they protected them from wolves and thieves.

And then one evening, something wonderful happened. The sky was filled with the light of the Lord.

An angel stood among them and announced, “Do not be afraid. I bring you great news. In Bethlehem, a Savior has been born. He is Jesus, God’s Son. You’ll find the baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger.”

Suddenly, the sky was filled with an angelic chorus. They joined together in a joyful song, “Glory to God in the highest! Peace on earth!”

Angels and shepherds

Angels announce the birth of Jesus to shepherds.

After the angels left, the shepherds immediately left their flocks and traveled toward Bethlehem to see the baby.

Kirsi wanted to see the baby too. She asked her friend, “I want to see Jesus. Will you go with me?”

“We must stay here with the other sheep. Its not safe to travel alone in the dark,” said her friend.

Disappointed, Kirsi watched the shepherds disappear behind the hills.

Kirsi decided that she just had to go see the baby. She looked around. Most of the sheep were already asleep. So, she quietly left the flock and headed out into the dark night.

She reached the top of the hill and looked around. She couldn’t see the shepherds and had no idea where Bethlehem was. As she stood there, Kirsi saw a little trail leading down the hill and decided that she would follow it.

“Surely, this will lead to Bethlehem,” she said.

As she bounded down the trail, she heard footsteps behind her. When she stopped and turned around. There was nothing there. When she started walking, the footsteps returned.

She was really scared. Kirsi began trotting, and then, started running down the hill. The noise grew louder and closer. Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore. She stopped and wheeled around.

“Come on out! I know you’re following me,” shouted Kirsi.

Out of the dark, a large wolf appeared.

“You’ll make a delicious meal,” said the wolf as he emerged from the shadows.

Kirsi bravely faced the hungry wolf.

“I am on my way to see God’s Son who was born tonight in Bethlehem. If you let me continue my journey, I will return and you can have me for dinner.”

The wolf was stunned by Kirsi’s bravery.

“You are willing to come back and be my dinner?” asked the wolf.

“I give you my word. I just want to see Jesus first,” explained Kirsi.

Realizing that this was indeed a special night, and humbled by Kirsi’s quest, there was only one thing for the wolf to say, “Go to Bethlehem and see Jesus. You do not need to fear me tonight. Please forgive me for frightening you.”

The wolf lowered his head and returned to his den.

Kirsi thanked God for His protection and continued on her journey.

She reached the outskirts of a small village. In the nearby valley, there was a small flock of sheep.

“Maybe they will know how to get to Bethlehem,” said Kirsi.

As she approached the flock, she was startled by a gruff voice.

“Halt! Who goes there?” asked a big sheep dog.

“My name is Kirsi and I am trying to find Bethlehem,” she explained.

“Its not safe to be wandering around alone in the dark,” said the sheep dog. “Why don’t you stay here until morning? Tomorrow, my shepherd will help you find your home.”

“I must get to Bethlehem. Please show me the way,” begged Kirsi.

Reluctantly, the sheep dog pointed towards Bethlehem.

Kirsi reached the village. It was a very strange place. There were buildings and people everywhere she looked. This was definitely no place for a lamb.

At the edge of town, she saw a donkey.

“Can you tell me how to find the baby born tonight in Bethlehem?” asked Kirsi.

The donkey turned to look at Kirsi, “What in the world are you doing in a place like this?”

“I want to see Jesus, who was born tonight,” explained Kirsi.

Admiring the lamb’s determination, the donkey said, “Soon, my master will return and we will go past the stable. Follow me, but hide in the shadows or someone might grab you.”

Kirsi followed the donkey, darting between buildings, making sure that nobody saw her. After a few minutes, the donkey paused in front of a stable.

“Thanks for the directions,” shouted Kirsi as the donkey continued his journey.

Cautiously, Kirsi approached the stable. She knelt at a safe distance. Her shepherds were no longer there. Only Mary and Joseph remained huddled over their child. Mary glanced up to see the little lamb.

“Come here little one,” said Mary. “Come see what God has given the world.”

Kirsi walked over and peered into the manger. There was Jesus, just as the angel had said. She was so happy that all she could do was admire the beautiful child.

Meanwhile, her shepherds returned to their sheep and found that Kirsi was gone. They searched frantically for the little lamb.

“We should split up and search for her,” said one of the shepherds. “I don’t want her to get hurt.”

The shepherds spread out and called for the lost lamb. Her shepherd found Kirsi’s tracks heading down the hill. At the base of the hill, he saw the unmistakable footprints of a large wolf.

“She must have been attacked by a wolf,” thought the shepherd.

As he studied the trail though, he noticed that her tracks continued down the hill. He followed them until he reached another flock.

“Maybe, she’s with this flock,” thought the shepherd.

When the sheep dog heard the shepherd call for Kirsi, he led him to the edge of the hill, where Kirsi’s tracks continued towards Bethlehem.

When he reached Bethlehem, the tracks disappeared.

“Why would Kirsi come here?” wondered the shepherd.

He wandered through the village until he reached the stable. There, lying near the baby was Kirsi. The shepherd ran over to her and wrapped his arms around her.

“I thought you were lost, but you were in the safest place in the world,” said the shepherd.

He was so glad he had found his little lost lamb.



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