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Who Is Matney Woodard? – Matney Woodard Entertainment is dedicated to producing inspirational entertainment for the whole family. We pray that everything we publish shares the joy that comes from a personal relationship with Jesus. There are several sites featured under the Matney Woodard umbrella. To stay in touch with all our activity, “Like” our Facebook page: Matney Woodard Entertainment. We post scriptures, commentary and links to new pages or sites!

The name honors Harrison Woodard’s parents, Frances Matney Woodard and Hollis Hood Woodard.

Frances Matney Woodard (1922 – 1991) was the daughter and sister of Methodist ministers. She was a dedicated Christian who was active as a Sunday school teacher, youth & children’s choir director, church secretary, lifelong choir member, songwriter, and soloist. She joined the Lord’s heavenly choir in 1991, after a courageous battle with breast cancer. Her wit, wisdom, talent, faith and example, will always be remembered.

Hollis Hood Woodard (1917 – 2009) was the oldest of 13 children. He, along with 4 of his brothers, proudly served this country during World War II. He fought in North Africa, Italy, France and Germany. He taught a Sunday school class for many years and ministered to others to the very end of his life. His dedication to the Lord, the Church and family was an inspiration to everyone around him.

Although most of the work here at Matney Woodard is created by Harrison Woodard, there are also sermons and poems from both his parents and Grandfather, and other work as indicated. You can learn more about the creator and primary author at his blog Harrison Woodard.

How Long Has This Site Been Online? – Matney Woodard Entertainment was launched on Thanksgiving weekend 2001. What started out as a little diversion has grown into a major destination for Christians throughout the world. With over 100 pages of exclusive children’s stories, sermons, songs and poems, Matney Woodard is the premier destination for parents, teachers and children. Over 750,000 people have visited Matney Woodard from every continent viewing over 1,500,000 pages!

The most handsome cat in the world - Boris Kitty

Boris Kitty – 1992-2012

Is There A Real Boris Kitty? – Yes, there is! Boris is an all-black domestic short-hair cat that is just as spunky and loveable as he was when he first entered my life over 15 years ago. Most of the Boris Kitty stories are based on actual events in his life. He is a wonderful friend and a constant source of inspiration.
BORIS UPDATE – See the January Update (2013) on Boris.

Boris Kitty even has his own Facebook page where you can follow his antics. Simply send him a Friend Request. And yes, he loves all the major food groups: Chicken, Salmon, Trout, Tuna and Turkey!

How Do You Come Up With All These Unique Character Names? – Many names like Kirsi, Timo, Heli were names of people I met while working for a Finnish company. Most of their names have two syllables and are easy to pronounce. Other names such as Penda from “The Three Camels” and Yuki from “Yuki’s Christmas Tree” were chosen for their meaning. I try to select names that are unique and in some small way enhance the story. If I meet or get to know someone with a very unique name, there is a good chance it will end up in a story.

Are Any Of Your Stories Available For Purchase In Book Form? – Not yet. That is the next step. By initially publishing them online, I am building a fan base. As awareness continues to grow, it will be much easier to take the next step. As God leads, I follow.

How to Contact Us? – We would love your prayers, questions, and comments. We can be reached via email at: harrisonwoodard “@” yahoo.com – simply remove the spaces and quotation marks before and after the “@” sign. We try to reply promptly to all requests, but this is a labor of love, not a full time job. Please be patient with any email request. By liking our Facebook page above, you can more quickly make contact through wall posts or private messages.


How Can I Help? – If you like what you read and what we are doing, there are several things you can do to help.

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3. Let us know what you think. Your comments are very important to us.

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8. Praise God for giving us this vision and for providing the resources and wisdom to carry out all His plans for Matney Woodard Entertainment.

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  1. Mike Gerard says:

    We are part of a school in Kansas city called the Daniel academy. We are looking to out together a cd with songs that will help the kids learn the creation days. We would like to reproduce your creation song that is written to the 12 days of Christmas. We would not charge for it… It would just be a resource to help the kids and i would record it in my home studio. Is this something that we can do, or would it violate your copyright on it?
    Thanks….i appreciate any help you can give us!

  2. Donna Searcy says:

    Hello….I send birthday “cards” to the people in our small church and your animal parables would be perfectf for the smaller children and your story about Heaven’s Art Gallery is so touching for people of all ages…..could you please clairy what I need to have printed on the copies about copywrite (what date….not sure I found one) so that it is meeting the requirements. Our church is less than 40 people so not even that many copies would be used for the whole year…Thanks for your help. Donna Searcy

    • Harrison says:

      Thanks for your interest – © Harrison Woodard – If room permits, and if appropriate, please share the URL – MatneyWoodard.com.

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