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What You Will Find Here – This Christian web site features original Christian children’s stories, inspirational stories, Christmas stories, Bible lessons, poems, songs, sermons and Christian literature for your family’s enjoyment. We’ve got stories about all types of animals for the child in everyone. All of our content and stories are free to read and enjoy.

Please remember that everything on this site is copyright protected. Before using any content, review our Legal Info page for what is and is not permissible. Thanks in advance for helping us protect our hard work.

You can access all our stories, songs and sermons by clicking the category links above and to your right. Your choices include:

Animal Parable Bible Stories – All your favorite Bible stories as told by the animals that were there. Every story features new characters and new inspirational lessons. Be sure and check out the Animal Parable Bible Lessons for each story.

Animal Parables – Job 12:7 tells us to ask the animals and they will teach us. That is the purpose of all the Animal Parables and Animal Parable Bible Stories. Every story features new characters and new inspirational lessons.

Boris Kitty Stories – Follow the adventures of Boris Kitty, Taffy, Montana and Buddy as they grow in faith. Each story is designed to entertain and teach children of all ages about prayer and God’s love towards His creation.

Bible Stories – Read all your favorite Bible stories and see faith in action.

Short Stories – Christian stories about God’s love.

Rev. H. A. Matney Sermons – Sermon Notes from Harrison Woodard’s Grandfather.

Poems by Frances Matney Woodard – Christian poetry written by Harrison Woodard’s mother.

Poems by Harrison Woodard – Christian poetry by Harrison Woodard

Children’s Songs – Christian lyrics to popular songs kids love

Plays – Christian plays based on Matney Woodard stories



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  2. Janita Beall says:

    Thank you for such a wonderful little black cat and his life experiences. I have been using these stories for a couple years now when I am scheduled for the children’s story during worship. Kids of all ages like the stories. When I have used something other than a Boris story, adults, as well as the children, ask when I’ll bring Boris back. These stories are so much fun to tell and the children take them home with them. I had two siblings tell me that every time there is a Boris story, it is discussed around the Sunday dinner table. The family has debated if I am making these up or if their is really a Boris the black cat. The use of the different characters is wonderful and the children remember them. It is so much fun to have the children learning a christian principle and don’t even know it.

    • Harrison says:

      Thank you so much for the kind comments. I’m so glad the children enjoy Boris. He was a great cat, and a wonderful friend.

  3. Vicki Nightingale says:

    I just saw your website today. And I would like to have your permission to use the Halloween story with Boris the cat for the children sermons that I do each Sunday. If so could I print it out. I belong to a small Methodist Church in Oklahoma

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