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Heli, The Star of Bethlehem – Christmas Play

Posted by Harrison on July 9, 2011
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A Christmas Play

(Based from the original short story by Harrison Woodard)

Adaptation by Rosario E. Dunning with permission from author


Read the original story.



(A rumbling sound is heard and then we hear (not see) God speaking…as the lights grow brighter. The Angel Gabriel walks on stage…)

GOD: Gabriel, I have to use something really important to announce the coming of my son.

GABRIEL: (Looking towards the light.) Of course you do my Lord, after all He will be King. HUMMMM! Everything you do is big. Let’s see…. In the beginning when you created the heavens and the earth you said, let there be light….

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An original Christian Christmas story about a little star who learns that God doesn't look for the biggest or the brightest, but those willing to put their complete faith in what He can do in their lives. This is the story of the Christmas star that announced the birth of Jesus and directed the wise men to Bethlehem.

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