Frances Matney Woodard (1922 – 1991) was born in Huntington, Texas the eldest daughter of a Methodist minister. After working for the US Military during World War 2, she attended and graduated from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. After marrying, she settled in Longview, Texas where she was very active as a Sunday school teacher, youth & children’s choir director, church secretary, choir member, songwriter, and soloist at her Church and throughout East Texas.

She was a Spirit-filled believer who loved the Lord. She was a prolific writer who dedicated her last years in this world to writing songs and poetry, many that were never distributed or published outside the family. I am very proud to share some of her writing with the world. I pray that it blesses you. — Harrison Woodard



Win Every Day

By Frances Matney Woodard

(1922 – 1991)


To win the race of life

You’re going to face some strife

Just keep your eyes on the Lord

And you will receive your reward.


Don’t let the storms get you down

The thunder and lightning will sound

But that’s only noise you hear

Just keep going and don’t fear.


Help your friends along

Be alert, sing a song

You’re days are numbered here on Earth

Be happy from the day of your birth.


Keep hold of God’s Hand

He will help you to stand

Praise Him and thank Him all the way

You will win every day!


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