Heli, The Star of Bethlehem

By Harrison Woodard

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Author Commentary

“Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.”
James 4:10 NIV

“He determines and counts the number of the stars; He calls them all by their names.”
Psalm 147:4 AMP


On the third day of creation, God said, “Let there be lights in the heavens.” And according to His Word, the sun, moon and all the stars were created in the sky.

God loved each star and would often invite them into His presence and listen to all that they had done.

And then one day, He sent out a proclamation commanding all the stars to appear before Him. He would then select one for a very important purpose.

With eagerness, all the stars gathered in His throne room.

As they waited for God, some of the stars saw Amanda, the smallest star in the galaxy.

“Surely you don’t think that God would select you?” said Tariq, one of the largest stars.

“What could you possibly have to offer God?” added Vega, another prominent star.

“I am here because it is God’s will,” said Amanda.

Amanda made her way to the back of the room to watch the presentations.

God entered the room and all the stars worshiped Him.

And God spoke,

“I am sending my son into the world. I will select one star to announce his arrival. The greatest among you will proclaim his birth to the world.”

There was plenty of excitement in the throne room as each imagined what it would be like to have this great honor. They each came forward and presented their qualifications to God.

“I give light and heat to 15 planets and 27 moons. I am one of the largest stars in the galaxy. I would be very proud to announce your Son’s birth,” said Tariq.

“Very impressive indeed,” said God.

“Humans know me as the North Star. I have guided many sailors to their destination and have been a constant beacon of light for all travelers. Who would be better to mark the birth of your son?” said Polaris.

“Well done,” said God.

“I am one of the brightest stars. My light is seen all over this great galaxy. I can think of nothing more wonderful than to share my light with the earth,” said Sirius.

“Good job,” said God.

From the greatest to the brightest, all the stars presented themselves to God. They all told Him all the wonderful things that they had accomplished.

“Is there anyone else?” asked God.

“Just me Lord,” said Amanda.

She humbly approached the throne and bowed.

“No planets or moons revolve around me and I guide no sailors home. My much larger and brighter brothers hide my light. But I joyfully do your will to the best of my ability. I am what you say I am. I will be what you say I will be,” said Amanda.

She bowed and returned to her spot at the back of the room.

There was a great silence in the throne room as everyone considered Amanda’s words.

After a long pause, Astra, one of the wisest of the stars, came forward.

“Lord, I am not worthy of such a great honor. Please select another.”

With that she bowed and left the throne room.

One by one, each star came forward and said the same words until only Amanda remained.

“Lord, I don’t understand. Why did they all leave?” asked Amanda.

“They all came forward to announce their own power and ability. You were the only one that proclaimed faith in my ability. You truly are the greatest star.”

“Thank you Lord,” said Amanda.

“From now on you will be called Heli,” said God. “You will proclaim my glory in the night sky for all to see.”

“I will do everything you say,” said Heli.

Heli took her place in the night sky above Bethlehem. For many months, she was the brightest and most beautiful star the world had ever seen.

When her mission was complete, God gave her a very special place of honor in the night sky. On a clear night you can still see her. She is not the biggest or the brightest, but she is still there, faithfully obeying God.

She truly is the greatest star.


The End

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