Based on the Animal Parable Bible Story, Humongous Hollis is about the fish that swallowed Jonah.

God commanded Jonah to go and preach to Ninevah. Instead, he boarded a ship and headed in the opposite direction. His disobedience almost cost him his life. Thankfully, God had prepared a fish to swallow and protect him until he came to his senses. Had Jonah not preached to Ninevah, the city may have been destroyed.

Here is the verse along with the Book of Jonah that inspired this poem and story:

If they listen and obey God, then they will be blessed with prosperity throughout their lives. All their years will be pleasant. — Job 36:11 NLT


Humongous Hollis

By Harrison Woodard

Hollis was a fish

The ocean was his home.

He swam in the surf

And splashed in the foam.

God made him grow

Bigger than all the rest.

He scared the other fish

And didn’t pass their test.

Hollis was sad and alone

But what he didn’t know.

God had a plan for him

That’s why he had to grow.

God said, “Do what I say

And you will not be sad.

Serving me faithfully

Will always make you glad.”

A man named Jonah

From God had turned away.

Hollis would be the instrument

And God would have His way.

Fleeing on a ship

Tossed upon the sea.

Jonah was thrown overboard

From God you cannot flee.

Jonah sank in the water

Doomed by his foolish sin.

But God sent Hollis

His new life to begin.

Hollis swallowed Jonah

And did what God did say.

Inside, Jonah repented

Agreeing to go God’s way.

There was no magic spell

Or someone’s crazy wish.

Only God’s mighty power

Could make this great big fish.

Humongous Hollis,

That was his name.

God gave him a job to do

And He didn’t complain.  

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